January 23, 2019

TKStyle by Jacky.W Design: 2018 Best of Year Winner for Small Office Project

Instead of bringing work home, how about making work feel like home? For Jacky.W Design founder Jacky Wang that was the philosophy behind the offices he conceived for the avant-garde women’s fashion boutique TKStyle. The design acknowledges the idea that our professional and personal lives are increasingly blurred together and thus brings a decidedly residential aesthetic to the two-story workplace, located on Jiaxing, China.

Photography by Yan Ming.

Upon entry, the 20 staffers and visitors are greeted by a massive ash door that revolves 360 degrees. Inside the 7,500 square feet, it’s airy and bright, thanks to a 26-foot ceiling and two rows of tall windows running across an entire elevation. In reception, which doubles as communal work space, seating is super generous and comfy, upholstered in a chic gray-black cotton-linen that would look right at home in a family room. A floating staircase with treads in warm oak leads up to open office areas. There’s not a cubicle to be found.

Photography by Yan Ming.

Coordinating with the residential feel is industrial concrete, the project’s dominant material. It took nine attempts to get the texture just right for the cast-in-place slabs, which are left exposed on the floor, walls, beams, and pillars. The long process paid off. “I’m very happy with the quality,” Wang remarks. “TKStyle’s bold fashion concepts,” he says of the client, “inspired me to create something bold myself.”

Photography by Yan Ming.

Project Team: Jammie Lu.

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