July 30, 2020

Traditional Elements and Modern Tastes Shape Vision for Luxury Apartment in West Bengal by Morphlab

The capital city of West Bengal, India, hosts a new apartment designed by Mumbai-based studio Morphlab. Emulating the intersection of tradition and modernity, the apartment, furnished with a handful of eye-catching pieces by Scarlet Splendourdraws from local art forms of Kolkata as well as global contemporary influences. According to Ajinkya Manohar, an associate at Morphlab, the clients are “locally-centered and well-traveled,” making a mixture of these elements essential for the space.

To convey the modern sense of luxury the clients desired, sleek marble flooring and bronze wall paneling are featured throughout the 300-square-meter space. Blending local elements with the universally modern apartment, bright hues—reminiscent of the traditional and colorful Bengali homes nearby—appear throughout the space in artworks and accents, including handcrafted rugs.

Standard wall divisions and partitions are abandoned in favor of blurred boundaries and an asymmetrical layout. The result is a heightened sense of connectivity from the interiors to the outdoors. As Morphlab principal architect Sahil Jain put it, the unconventional curvature of the space is “based on abstract, organic forms inspired by local clay-craft techniques,” and it is also a way of imitating the irregularity of nature. Floor-to-ceiling windows maximize natural lighting, while tropical plants and stylish shutters reference the warm climate characteristic of the region. Abstract artwork further emphasizes the theme of asymmetry throughout the home, which combines modern and traditional elements seamlessly to provide an elegant space to unwind.

Bronze paneling and marble flooring provide a sense of luxury. A handcrafted rug brings a traditional element into the modern space. Photography courtesy of PHX India.

The bedroom for the clients’ younger son features an inviting blue tone and interlocking three-dimensional paneling to establish an asymmetrical theme. Photography courtesy of PHX India.

The furniture and artwork, while modern, incorporate the bright colors of the more traditional surrounding Bengali homes. Photography courtesy of PHX India.
The sinuous lighting of the combined living room and dining area, featuring furnishings by Scarlet Splendour, adds to the geometric fluidity of the apartment. A bar unit reminiscent of a cactus serves as an inventive reference to the natural world. Photography courtesy of PHX India.
Windows serve as the headboard in this bedroom. Tropical plants and shutters also provide a connection to the outdoors. Photography courtesy of PHX India.

The asymmetrical shower panel features a resin-coated and hand-painted art piece. Photography courtesy of PHX India.
An airy balcony offers a tranquil view. Photography courtesy of PHX India.

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