January 1, 2020

Transform Commercial Interiors With Sleek Surfaces from Formica Corporation

The table above is outfitted in 8238 Blusha fresh shade included in the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection. Photography courtesy of Formica Corporation. 

Designers crave collections that enable them to exercise their creativity, especially when it comes to updating interiors with vibrant surfaces. After all, striking countertops, tabletops, and shelves can transform a space, serving as the focal point of a room, which means innovative concepts for surfaces always are in demand. Especially versatile collections that work across a range of aesthetics. 

Formica Corporation, a design leader in decorative surfacing solutions, recently introduced a new collection of 30 dynamic surfaces offering architects and designers endless ways to bring their visions to life. The collection—SurfaceSet® 2020—seamlessly blurs the lines between nature, human connection, and the current digital age with new woodgrains, solids, and patterned palettes organized under three themes: No Boundaries, Engineered Design, and Fluidity.

The new SurfaceSet® 2020 collection puts 30 dynamic surfaces at your fingertips for endless combinations and expressions, including 4923 Cream Softwood with Formica Envision™ as the bar front. Photography courtesy of Formica Corporation. 

The three themes in SurfaceSet® 2020 offer a fitting point of entry for designers looking to update any interior aesthetic, from healthcare settings to workplaces, hospitality environments, and schools. For instance, No Boundaries is suggestive of a nomadic lifestyle, reflecting an organic, yet cultivated approach to design that honors natural materials and colors. The palettes, textures, and patterns in this theme are grounded in nature, earth tones, and raw wood elements. Engineered Design offers a complimentary contrast to No Boundaries, celebrating the timeless quest for knowledge. This theme draws on bright colors and sophisticated blacks and grays, evoking a sense of clarity and structure within each expertly engineered surface. 

A counter features 9512 Layered White Sand paired with 8576 Blond Cedar, which are both part of the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection. Photography courtesy of Formica Corporation. 

Fluidity—the third theme in SurfaceSet® 2020—highlights the intersection of technology, nature, and human connection through a sensorial approach that captures the blurring of physical and digital lines. The hues and materials in Fluidity evoke a lucid dream with ethereal pastels, soft woods, and reflective glass-like surfaces offset with muted orange and grays. 

With 30 fresh designs, the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection from Formica Corporation gives designers endless combinations to bring your vision to life, including 9685 Black Recycled Kraft. Photography courtesy of Formica Corporation. 

In a nod to the company’s commitment to sustainable design, the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection also includes two surface designs composed of recycled materials: Natural Recycled Kraft and Black Recycled Kraft. To create these designs, Formica Corporation utilizes 100% recycled pulp and natural additives, such as recycled chaff from coffee bean roasting, recycled coffee bean bags, and even some peat moss dirt. True to its inspiration, the Recycled Kraft series reimagines an authentic version of kraft paper—capturing the essence of its technique, which is rooted in small-batch craft production. Kraft paper, and Formica Corporation’s surface design by a similar name, showcases a unique combination of embedded fibers and speckles, capturing raw beauty. 

Saturated, organic colors like 8235 Solar Orange give the Fluidity palette in the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection a familiar sense of security. Photography courtesy of Formica Corporation. 

Formica Corporation’s innovative collection also introduces two new textures: Pure Grain, which is inspired by open-pore solid wood, elevating its natural drama; and Brush, which brings luminosity to metal visuals for a reflective finish. Regardless of pattern or color, each design in SurfaceSet® 2020 invites designers to create sensory experiences through the lens of expertly engineered surfaces. This latest collection by Formica Corporation sets itself apart by offering designers a variety of unique, durable laminate surface patterns created to suit any commercial project at hand.

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