June 30, 2014

Traveling Far: 5 Hotels With Adventure in Mind

Hotels with adventurous spirits lead the way:

1. Firm: Team Bldg

Project: Hotel Wind

Site: Xiamen, China

Standout: Flowing through a glass-sided well, rainwater descends from the roof, through the guest levels, to reach a pool in the lobby.

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel by UDS. Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

2. Firm: UDS

Project: Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

Site: Tokyo

Standout: Though the onetime red-light district, out the windows, may now be tame, the interior’s pop-art graphics and tartan-covered sofas are anything but.

Streamsong Resort by Alfonso Architects. Photography by Albert Hurley.

3. Firm: Alfonso Architects

Project: Streamsong Resort

Site: Bowling Green, Florida

Standout: Concrete columns that lift this hotel off the ground pay homage to the petrified stumps bearing witness to the region’s primeval landscape.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin by Studio Aisslinger. Photography by Stephan Lucius Lemke.

4. Firm: Studio Aisslinger

Project: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Site: Berlin

Standout: The murals, rendered in felt-tip pen, are either by a wall-climbing robot or by a garden-variety, human artist.

AKA Beverly Hills by Christopher C. Deam. Photography by Eric Staudenmaier.

5. Firm: Christopher C. Deam

Project: AKA Beverly Hills

Site: Southern California

Standout: Hotel guests can hit nearby beaches in an Airstream outfitted with Trina Turk’s effervescent bar accessories, pillows, and towels.

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