June 2, 2021

Uuno Digital Gallery Showcases Work from Latinx Artists

“It’s a globalized notion, capable of crossing geographic and individual boundaries, sharing exquisite Latin American design with everyone,” the women share. Photography by Ana Hop.

Although the name of digital gallery Unno derives from the Spanish word for one, it was launched by two: Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti, Mexican women with backgrounds in art and architecture. “After long conversations, we came up with the idea to share the contem­porary vision of young Latin American designers with the world,” they explain. The resulting platform bridges the artisan and the handmade with the virtual, featuring pieces that defy the status quo, rekindle ancient materials, such as Mexican lava stone, and pay homage to Latinx culture, some by the founders themselves. Vettoretti’s angular Polvere sculpture, for instance, evokes layers of history, while Ian Felton’s crystalline-glazed Mullunu side table looks like coral rescued from a shimmering sea. Also rescued was the site of the gallery’s shoot, an early 20th–century Mexico City residence recently restored by architect Alberto Kalach in a manner that celebrates history, culture, and art, just like Unno. 

Pieces from the MULLUNU collection by Ian Felton. Photography by Ana Hop.
The Polvere sculpture by Abe Vettoretti. Photography by Ana Hop.
Photography by Mariana Valdovi.

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