January 17, 2020

Villa Varoise by NADAAA: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Large Country House

From certain angles, this board-formed concrete abode in the South of France by NADAAA seems an almost impenetrable monolith, a stonelike extrusion of the rocky slope that anchors it. But the two-story structure is much more permeable than it first appears, with copious walls of full-height glass, strategic apertures framing verdant vistas, consistent finishes indoors and out, and a green roof supported by surface-active vaults that produce strong lateral stability. The design establishes a tight rapport between residence and landscape, its angular form a calculated response to key aspects of the site—from strict zoning guidelines to the sloping terrain and surrounding vineyard and olive grove.

Villa Varoise by NADAAA. Photography by John Horner.

Nader Tehrani, principal of the research-driven experimental practice, nodded to the hallowed tradition of courtyard-style houses by conceiving two wings that wrap around a polygonal pool. “The configuration creates a ‘slipped court’ that is at once private and extroverted,” he notes. The main armature of the 5,300-square-foot seven-bedroom is supported by beams that he describes as “encrypted within the experience of the house”: framing doorways between living and sleeping areas and bracketing sight lines out to the property—and into the pool’s watery depths.

Villa Varoise by NADAAA. Photography by John Horner.
Villa Varoise by NADAAA. Photography by John Horner.
Villa Varoise by NADAAA. Photography by John Horner.

Project Team: Harry Lowd; Lisa Lacharite; Katie Faulkner; Craig Chapple; John Houser; Ellee Lee; Kevin Lee; Parke MacDowell; Ryan Murphy; Jonathan Palazzolo; Caitlin Scott; Joana Rafael; Rawan Alsane; Tim Wong; Bidard & Raissi.

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