exterior of building with glass panels

A Whirlpool Brand Experience Center Puts a Futuristic Spin on Laundry

2023 Best of Year Winner for Shining Moment

Appliances never looked so good. At W House–Whirlpool Brand Experience Center in Foshan, China, MOC Design Office, which stands for mood, observation, and creativity, put a new spin on laundry machines, turning a mundane shopping experience into an engaging one. The century-old brand sought to refresh its image and show off its state-of-the-art products; the firm responded with an intriguing interplay between a reflective 7,000-square-foot interior and exterior, its eye-catching, forward-looking qualities emblematic of the client’s ethos. The two-story project occupies an origamilike building with long eaves of mirrored stainless steel. MOC extended the material and jagged geometry indoors with faceted, reflective ceilings and a prism that divides the space. Product displays, like a floor-to-ceiling wall of black washers, are striking, while bursts of yellow acrylic add warmth. It’s a virtual whirlpool of innovation.

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exterior of building with glass panels
interior of building with person walking through lobby
yellow panels inside of building

Yang Zhenyu; Liang Ningsen; Wu Xiuwei; Yang Zhenyu; Huang Zhentao; Yan Wending; Li Ruiwen; Xie Xinyu; Chen Qianyu.

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