September 20, 2019

Wade and Leta Mix Memphis With Marine Life for a Seaport District Installation

A school of sculptures in the Seaport District by Wade and Leta was a marine life-Memphis mash-up. Four artists and fabricators built the project, led by Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski. With eight colors, they painted the 100-plus plywood shapes, which ranged from 5-10 feet tall.

Image courtesy of Wade and Leta.

An Adobe Illustrator sketch shows the scale of the eight forms composing Sea Sculptures, a temporary in­stallation by Wade and Leta at Pier 17.

Photography courtesy of Wade and Leta.

Co-founder Wade Jeffree applies waterproof latex paint to the plywood shapes, which were CNC-cut to re­semble algae and seaweed.

Photography courtesy of Wade and Leta.

Jeffree and wife and co-founder Leta Sobierajski pose in their East Williamsburg studio with pieces of the installation prior to its assembly on-site.

Photography courtesy of Wade and Leta.

Outside their Brooklyn studio, sculptures are put on a truck for transport to the Sea­port District.

Image courtesy of Wade and Leta.

Developed in
Rhino with collaborating engineer and fabricator Blacktable Studio, the plywood pieces inter­locked via notches to with­stand the
up to 70-mph winds
in the water­front neigh­borhood.

Photography courtesy of Wade and Leta.

Part of the Seaport District’s Summer by the Sea art series, Sea Sculptures was intended to weather like the century-old ships docked at nearby Pier 16.

Watch a video of the installation below:

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