January 30, 2021

Wörwag Headquarters by Ippolito Fleitz Group: 2020 Best of Year Winner for Small Corporate Office

Photography by Eric Laignel.

Having built a four-story headquarters wrapped entirely in glass, industrial paint manufacturer Wörwag wanted the 38,000-square-foot interior to reflect its passion for color and commitment to technological innovation. Interior Design Hall of Fame members Peter Ippolito and Gunther Fleitz obliged, using these brand signifiers to broadcast the company’s core values inside and outside the building’s transparent walls. 

In the lobby, folded-plate ceiling panels are painted various shades of yellow—“an active color that has a sense of focus and clarity,” Fleitz notes. Behind the reception desk, backlit shelves showcase dozens of brightly painted car parts, bicycle frames, and other bits of machinery that illustrate different coating applications. The adjacent cafeteria is decked out with violet ceiling panels, neon-blue benches, dark-orange wall tiles, and draperies a shade of red known to make food look more appetizing. 

Color plays an even larger role on the office levels above. A continuous ribbon of dropped ceilings—acoustic panels covered in rich-hued textiles—encircles each floor, creating a rainbow effect visible from outside the headquarters, which resembles a glowing Rubik’s Cube at night.

Photography by Eric Laignel.
Photography by Eric Laignel.

Project Team: Arsen Aliverdiiev; Nadine Batz; Gunter Fleitz; Justine Fregoni; Peter Ippolito; Elene Jikia; Christian Kirschenmann; Vladislav Kostadinov; Claudia Lira Grajales; Andrea Martinez; Chris Mischke; Verena Schiffl; Simranpreet Singh; Anke Wankmüller.

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