March 13, 2018

Yael Jacobs Caters to All Ages in a Family Home in Israel

Where a love of design meets young children, innovative solutions are required. Yael Jacobs Interior Design provided just such assistance for a former stylist and her family. Their house in Israel, north of Tel Aviv, had served them for several years, but current needs called for change. Jacobs reorganized both floors of the home. Downstairs, walls were removed to create an open area more conducive to entertaining. Above, Jacobs added an additional bedroom and turned the hallway into a study for everyone. The bottom floor is black and white, with touches of oak. Color was saved for upstairs, especially the children’s bedrooms. “The owner wanted each room of reflect the inner world and character of each child,” Jacobs says. In one, jungle green dominates. In another, the child’s love of pink was the driving force. The palette of the master bedroom, meanwhile, is more subdued. 

The kitchen window was lowered to let in additional sunlight. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 
Pendant fixtures over the kitchen table are designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 
Walls on either side of the staircase were removed, replaced with a metal barrier. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 
The master bathroom’s palette is neutral, except for a band of yellow on the faucet. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 
In the hallway study, shelving is custom. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 
In a bedroom, a custom desk can be reinstalled higher as the child grows. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 
In another bedroom, wallpaper reflects the child’s love of birds. Photography by Yoav Gurin. 

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