January 10, 2020

YIN by ODD: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Accessories Retail

Marketing its delicate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all in 18-karat gold, to the professional “gentlewoman,” fledgling company YIN Fine Jewelry favors sleek minimalism over traditional opulence. Its first-ever boutique in Beijing needed to do the same, so the young co-owners called upon ODD co-founders Tsutomu Deguchi and Keiz Okamoto to conjure that spirit in YIN’s tidy 410-square-foot boutique.

Photography by Ruijing Photo.

“The scale did not restrict our imagination,” Deguchi recalls. He, Okamoto, and their team developed a concept they call a “wonderland under a sea of clouds.” Beneath an installation of suspended white cotton voile, they outfitted the store in a pared-down palette of white and gold, then placed lighting evenly throughout. It reflects off wall-hung titanium-plated mirrors and bathes the stainless-steel display pedestals and terrazzo flooring in a soothing wash of white, softening the environment.

“The lighting is not scattered or motionless, but well-proportioned and dynamic,” adds Okamoto, “and the space helps tell the company story.”

Photography by Ruijing Photo.

Project Team: Feng Zhang; Xueni Fang.

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