June 3, 2021

Zarysy Reimagines the Cabin Aesthetic for a Lake House in Poland

A wall featuring rotating felt louvers divides the dining and kitchen area. The dining table and all the coffee tables in the home are custom made by the designer. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 

When envisioning the interiors of a lake house in Sroda Wielkopolska, Poland, designer Jan Sekula, founder of Zarysydrew inspiration from its natural surroundings, incorporating raw materials throughout, such as warm woods and grey stones. The decades-old trees on the property informed an interior aesthetic that melds the rustic with the modern, using green forest hues and pops of yellow and burgundy to create a cohesive thread throughout. Tasked by the homeowners with creating “something marvelous,” Sekula filled the house with surprising details, including a floating staircase in the entry and a garage with custom lighting that, sans vehicles, can be mistaken for an upscale lounge or set from a James Bond film. “I love contrasts,” says Sekula. “Here, I feel the most significant one is between raw cabin look and super modern furniture and lighting.”

Layers of texture, from wood panels to felt-coated walls, and unique divisions of space—the dining and kitchen areas are separated by a wall of rotating felt louvers—offer unexpected discoveries around every corner. “Some textures are not visible from far away—like terrazzo,” he adds, noting that from a distance the material that lines the living room wall appears grey, but the subtle patterns are evident on closer look. The children’s room includes a whimsical indoor tree-house, adding to its unique multi-level construction that provides separate areas for sleep, play, and study. “It’s so simple and packed with function,” Sekula shares, pointing out that it’s one of his favorite areas of the home. Like the children’s room, the home itself is designed as a living object in a sense, designed to grow with the family that lives within it just like the surrounding trees. 

Seven concrete lamps painted in yellow to beige gradient illuminate the dining area. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
The living room features a wooden ceiling and expansive windows. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
The kitchen features warm woods with desaturated greens and stone tiles. Wood planks are used for the island and cabinet bases and topped with terrazzo Corian slabs. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
A floating wooden staircase, which hangs from the ceiling, creates a statement in the entry. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
The children’s bathroom is designed to grow with them. In contrast to terrazzo tiles and deep desaturated green, there is a yellow frame around the shower with a dot patterned tile inside.  Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
The children’s room features three levels—the first for study, second for play, and third for sleep. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
In the bathroom off of the main bedroom, the tub is framed by wood. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
In the main bedroom, raw stone flooring contrasts with the warm claret textiles behind the bed. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
Geometric hexagon carpeting from Shaw Contract is created with tiles in three anthracite tones while LED strips under plywood panels offer subtle lighting. The back felt wall features a neon sign, which symbolizes a movie camera. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 
36 round LED lamps were custom built for the garage ceiling and a storage wall coated in mirrors enhances the lighting effect. Photography by Tomo Yarmush. 


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