January 16, 2018

Zentralnorden’s Spooning Sweets Shop in Berlin Wraps Itself in Millennial Pink

Memories of nibbling cookie dough as children informed Zentralnorden’s design of Spooning, the first German outpost dedicated to the treat. The design firm’s head of brand interiors Christian Skeide, with senior designer Jeannette Riedel, transformed a narrow and dark 250-square-foot space into a bright and cheery eatery. “The inviting and inspiring environment piques the curiosity of customers of all ages,” Skeide says. Walls painted cotton candy pink mix with a grid of badminton birdies. The plywood menu board encourages guests to forget their diets before choosing their toppings. The counter, fronted in white-glazed ceramic tiles, integrates a yellow strip that lets children climb up to see the bowls of dough.

At Spooning in Berlin, walls were painted pink and white. Photography by Patrick Nitzsche.
The hand-stamped menu board sits on painted wooden rails. Photography by Patrick Nitzsche.
Stools are powder-coated steel. Photography by Patrick Nitzsche.
The eatery is 250 square feet. Photography by Patrick Nitzsche.
The logo was also designed by Zentralnorden. Photography by Patrick Nitzsche.
The counter presents ten different mixes of cookie dough. Photography by Patrick Nitzsche.

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