January 30, 2019

Zooco Studio Masterminds a Witty Madrid Flagship for La Oca Selezione

La Oca Selezione has long been the place—or, with over 20 store locations, the places—for design-savvy Spaniards seeking modern furniture. For its new flagship on Madrid’s trendy Calle de Castelló, the company turned to local firm Zooco Estudio to transform a blandly anonymous space into a witty take on retail design.

Oak shelves glow with inset LEDs. Photography by Imagen Subliminal.

“The main challenge was to create subtle display areas,” says founding architect Miguel Crespo Picot. He let natural light do the heavy lifting, flooding the shop floor with sun streaming in from skylights 23 feet above the plan. A matte black aluminum strip winds across the floor, carving out vignettes before wending its way up a glass-balustrade staircase as its handrail. Shelves are also glass, as are walls fronting a petite courtyard. The rest of the material palette is oak, powder-coated steel, and micro-cement, apart from a stepped stack of bricks, piled up beside the stairs as if ready to be enlisted in the creation of a future store.   

The top of the oak cash-wrap station is glass, as are the display shelves. Photography by Imagen Subliminal.
Merchandise zones are defined by a strip of metal embedded in the floors, which are finished with micro-cement. Photography by Imagen Subliminal.
Televisions hang from either side of a skylight, each element housed in a black metal frame. Photography by Imagen Subliminal.
Chandeliers by Vibia draw attention to the staircase, which emerges from a stepped stack of common-clay bricks. Photography by Imagen Subliminal.

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