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Chelsea Hedrick


Studio O+A

Job Title

Senior Designer – Brand

HiP Awards 2024 Chelsea Hedrick

Photography by Deborah Dvorak.

Chelsea’s avowed affinity for applying branding elements to physical spaces makes her a natural for the kind of total-immersion design O+A practices. Having spent a considerable portion of her career working for a Western design firm in Asia, Chelsea is adept at mixing cultural references and navigating tricky aesthetic crosscurrents. Endlessly imaginative and fearlessly experimental, she can follow a bold idea to its “out there” conclusion and puts to use discoveries she makes along the way. At O+A brand strategy is always a merging of elements. Designers know their mission is to express the client’s story through forms, colors, spaces, imagery, feelings— it’s all about creating an experience. As Senior Designer, Chelsea approaches projects holistically, delving into the creative and business aspects leading to project success. Attentively listening to clients’ goals, she crafts innovative concepts and tailors designs that meet deadlines, stay within budget, and exceed client expectations. In addition to her design prowess, Chelsea also serves as the custodian of the firm’s visual identity and curates captivating content that resonates with the audience and communicates the company’s brand narrative on digital media channels. A connoisseur of horror movies, crime shows and very strong coffee, she cannot be scared away from a design challenge.

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