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Meena Krenek


HKS Architects

Job Title

Global Practice Leader Venues Interiors

Photography by Josh Duke.

Meena is an inspiring, award-winning designer who has transformed her client’s companies, strengthening their corporate cultures through experiential design. She considers space and form on many scales while understanding the importance of interior environments that are human-centric. She has a keen ability to embed herself in her client’s needs and develops tailored design responses that positively influence their business drivers and employee engagement, patron experience, consumer participation, or community connection. She has worked in New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles as an Interior Design Director. Her past design leadership in large design firms has gifted her with the ability to curate creative culture that fosters innovative thinking for provocative design exploration. Her strength is creating interior architecture that tells a story and encourages the users to embark on a unique experiential journey. Meena believes the best design evokes human emotion by stimulating the senses. Step inside a space she’s designed, and you’ll instantly be taken on an experiential journey—your eyes drawn to artful lines, your ears attuned to ambient sounds, your fingertips tickled by texture. Because it’s when function meets form and feeling, Meena believes that a project reaches its full potential. Meena’s visual communication and narratives evoke specific feelings, scenes, and sequences that elect emotional responses bringing vision to life with a deeper consciousness to the stories and elevating the human mind and body. Her inner creative empathetic spirit leads with emotion that sets the tone for intentionally strong design work with deep messages, voices, and stories.

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