October 5, 2017

10 Black and White Wallpapers for Going Back to Basics

Keep it chic and simple with black and white.

1. BassamFellows’s Classic Velvet polyester, Pick-Stitch Plaid nylon-rayon blend, Tweeded Stripe polyester-cotton blend, Twill Plaid polyester-wool blend, Essential Twill polyester-wool blend, and Wool Tweed wool-nylon blend by Geiger.
2. Kim Rosen’s Pines wallpaper by Fayce Textiles through ALT for Living.
3. Frida wallpaper by Ashley Woodson Bailey.
4. Bonnie Saland’s Tjanting wallpaper by Philomela.
5. Shanan Campanaro’s Biami wallpaper by Eskayel.
6. Waves paper wall covering on nonwoven backing with latex paint by Vahallan.
7. Leaves wallpaper by Brett Design.
8. Twister polyester by Gold Leaf Design Group.
9. Network wallpaper in Binary by the Alpha Workshops.
10. Stripe Black Ikat silk-cotton by Madeline Weinrib.

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