February 6, 2017

12 New Nordic Designs From Oslo Design Fair 2017

The third edition of Norway’s largest trade show, Oslo Design Fair, took place January 25-28. This year, renowned Scandinavian stylists—including Tina Hellberg from Sweden, Gitte Kjaer from Denmark, and Per Olav Sølvberg from Norway—recreated their own studios, while the “Tendency” exhibition was curated by Kirsten Visdal. Speakers and exhibitors explored this year’s theme, “Everyday Rituals,” from a variety of angles such as home décor, architecture, and food.

Over the past few years, interest in Nordic furniture has significantly increased with a growing number of innovative brands that join style, quality, and functionality. Norwegian brands LK Hjelle and MENT, Danish companies Handvärk and Reflections Copenhagen, and Swedish exhibitor PR Home are some of our highlights from Oslo Design Fair 2017.

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