June 11, 2016

34 New Fabrics and Wallcoverings Inspired by Nature

From canary alligator leather and polyester-silk to mosaic tiles in recycled glass here are 34 recent product introductions in the fabric and wallcoverings category. Sometimes a Tangram is a Chinese puzzle of geometries, made by cutting a square into shapes that can then be recombined. In this case, it’s the name of Michael Berman’s latest pattern for Kravet: a multicolored mash-up of many-sided shapes printed on 100 percent linen. Spheres bump and grind on a bouclé background in Moonstruck by Paul Brayton Designs, a pattern that deftly parses retro and modern-day sensibilities in seven Midcentury-esque colorways. Meanwhile, Harlequin’s Limosa, is a wallpaper of finely detailed quills in superdelicate watercolors. (For the record, the name derives from an avian genus of which godwits are a member.) All products have also been featured in Interior Design’s Fall Market Tabloid.

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