March 13, 2018

5 Illuminating Products From LEDucation 2018

In 2014, a team of Japanese and American physicists created the first blue-emitting LED light, ushering in a new era of bright and energy-efficient white-light sources that designers across disciplines saw as a great opportunity to create spectacular products and breathtaking projects.

Today, the LED lighting craze shows no sign of stopping. At this year’s LEDucation Convention, an annual market for lighting innovations in NYC, we scoped out five design-forward products that push the boundaries of LED application. 

Go Figure by ALW

ALW’s Go Figure Pyramid pendant. Photography courtesy of ALW. 

ALW‘s Go Figure series marries the bright whites of modern LEDs with a minimalist, geometric flair. While the ready-made Pyramid light is a showstopper, the custom options also allow designers to assemble any number of 2-D and 3-D light sculptures in geometric, linear, abstract, or organic arrangements. 

Suspenders by Sonneman

Sonneman’s Suspender® Linear Two Tier pendants. Photography courtesy of Sonneman. 

The Suspenders® series from Sonneman redefines modularity. Configurable and customizable, these slim LED luminaires are easily arranged into eight primary configurations that add a modernist touch to any room. 

Luxxbox Acoustic Lighting

Luxxbox’s Dasch acoustic lighting pendant. Photography courtesy of Luxxbox. 

Brisbane-based Luxxbox brings a touch of whimsy to acoustic lighting. Their award-winning eclectic designs won designers over with their unusual shapes and efficient sound-blocking materials. Their newest pendant, Dasch, comes in three sizes ideal for wide spaces and close quarters alike.

Porcelain Enamel LED Fixtures by Barn Light Electric Company 

Ivanhoe® Wilcox LED Pendants in a Metallic Chrome finish by Barn Light Electric Company. Photography courtesy of Sommer Collier, A Spicy Perspective Blog via Barn Light Electric Company. 

Barn Light’s porcelain enamel fixtures have LEDs built directly inside them, allowing the unique material of the pendant to be the main focus. These lights are ideal for both rustic residential and contemporary contract spaces.

Fuga Pendant by Kreon

Kreon’s Fuga pendant. Photography courtesy of Kreon.

Three simple bars make up Kreon’s Fuga pendant, with the light bar capable of being arranged parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling mount, bringing an austere planar look to office spaces, bars, and other public settings. 

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