October 12, 2020

5 Ways to Elevate Hospitality Spaces With Italian Ceramic Tile

Few materials perform as well as they look, but Italian ceramic tile is the exception. Here, Ceramics of Italy shares with Interior Design five benefits of embracing the beauty of Italian tile when designing hospitality spaces.

Old Stone by Century. Photography courtesy of Ceramics of Italy. 

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Italian ceramic tile is made with natural ingredients including clay and sand and fired at high temperatures to create an odorless, inert surface that’s free of toxic chemicals and VOCs. Because many types of ceramic, such as porcelain, are non-porous, they are also hypoallergenic, providing better indoor air quality for employees as well as guests.

Skyline brick effect tiles in musk by Ceramica RondinePhotography courtesy of Ceramics of Italy. 

2. Reduce Surface Transmission

Countless studies have shown that COVID-19 can be transmitted through contaminated surfaces. As a material, ceramic is easy to clean and is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Some Italian manufacturers even produce antimicrobial tiles that actively target and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, giving guests further peace of mind.

Ariana Anima tile in fango and Epoque tile in white. Photography courtesy of Ceramics of Italy. 

3. Incorporate Biophilia

It’s scientifically proven that nature has the power to reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance one’s mood and overall wellbeing. Italian tile manufacturers offer hundreds of options for incorporating biophilic design into the built environment, from hyper-realistic interpretations of wood and stone to floral motifs and green wall designs.

Metallica Dark by Viva. Photography courtesy of Ceramics of Italy. 

4. Utilize the outdoors

For guests that feel safer gathering outside, Italian tile is your answer. Porcelain is hard-wearing, non-porous, frost- and UV-resistant, ensuring it will stand up to extreme weather conditions and still look good for years to come. In addition, products like ¾” pavers can be dry laid over grass, gravel and sand to create an instant outdoor space.

System tile by Ceramica Vogue. Photography courtesy of Ceramics of Italy. 

5. Embrace Italian Creativity

Italians are pioneers in the built environment and the tile industry is no exception. Every year manufacturers push the boundaries of ceramic as a material and invent new designs and applications. From large-format panels for custom furnishings to floating floors for quick renovations, Italian ceramic tile offers creative design solutions for every environment. 

For more information about the health and wellness benefits of Italian ceramic tile and product inspiration visit ceramica.info

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