November 27, 2019

7 Emerging Interior Design Talents

Though we’ve been the industry bible for 87 years, Interior Design is not content to rest on its august laurels. And while we continue to showcase the ne plus ultra of the A&D community, it’s our constant search for new talent that keeps us fresh—and dare we say young. For our annual section on design’s up-and-comers, we traveled from South Korea, where three bartenders turned architects served up a collaborative office for cosmetics giant AmorePacific, to a fu­turistic hair salon in central Italy by a home­grown maestro, to Southern California, where a pair of married architects have elevated the doughnut with a handsome café. Wherever we looked, we found the next generation moving us—and design—forward. Read their bios and click on the links for articles on their featured projects. 

Dorothée Meilichzon, founder of Paris-based design studio Chzon. Photography by Karel Balas.

Dorothée Meilichzon

Firm: Chzon

Based in: Paris

Project: Il Palazzo Experimental, Venice

Own boss: Age 27

Read more: Dorothée Meilichzon Crafts an Authentic Venetian Getaway with Il Palazzo Experimental Hotel

Dongzi Yang and Qianyi Lin, founders of Various Associates. Photography by Shao Feng.

Dongzi Yang and Qianyi Lin

Firm: Various Associates

Based in: Shenzhen, China

Project: Morph, Shenzhen, China

Launchpad: University of the Arts London

Read more: Various Associates Channels the Five Elements for Morph Event Venue in Shenzhen, China

Angela Montagud and Jordi Iranzo, founders of Clap Studio. Photography by Pedro Jareno.

Àngela Montagud and Jordi Iranzo

Firm: Clap Studio

Based in: Valencia, Spain

Project: Her, Hong Kong

Design idol: Dieter Rams

Read more: Clap Studio’s Mars-Inspired Boutique Launches in Hong Kong

Emanuele Svetti, principal of Studio Svetti Architecture. Photography by Andrea Bartolozzi.

Emanuele Svetti

Firm: Studio Svetti Architecture

Based inCamucia, Italy

Project: Un Diavolo per Capello, Camucia, Italy

Historical influence: Renaissance-era architects

Read more: Studio Svetti Architecture Goes Geometric for a Camucia, Italy Hair Salon

Fleetwood Fernandez founding partners Paz Fernandez and Hunter Fleetwood. Photography by Kacy Jahanbini.

Paz Fernandez and Hunter Fleetwood

Firm: Fleetwood Fernandez Architects

Based in: Los Angeles

Project: Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, Del Mar, California

Big Break: Wells Fargo

Read more: Fleetwood Fernandez Architects Shows Its Sweet Side With Del Mar’s Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Kinzo Architekten founders Karim El-Ismawi, Martin Jacobs, and Chris Middleton. Photography by Sebastian Dörken.

Karim El-Ismawi, Martin Jacobs, and Chris Middleton

Firm: Kinzo Architekten

Based in: Berlin

Project: AmorePacific, Seoul, South Korea

Ideal aesthetic: ’60s sci-fi

Read more: Kinzo Architekten Thinks Like a Startup for AmorePacific Headquarters

Cactus founders Noah Waxman, Lucas Werthein, and Marcelo Pontes. Photography courtesy of Cactus.

Noah Waxman, Lucas Werthein, and Marcelo Pontes

Firm: Cactus

Based in: Brooklyn, NY, and Rio de Janiero

Project: Ever/Body, New York, NY

Read more: Brooklyn Studio Cactus Blends Beauty and Healthcare for NYC’s First Ever/Body Clinic 

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