December 26, 2020

8 Architectural Products on Our Radar

Architectural products that make life simpler.

Designer: Forrest Lesch-Middelton of FLM Ceramics

Product: Sound Wave

Standout: Sonic experimentations by 18th-century physicist Ernst Chladni inspired a cerebral series of 12 silk-screened 6-inch ceramic tiles reflecting the effects of sound waves on pattern. 

Designer: Felicia Arvid Jaeger for Snowsound

Product: Dunes

Standout: The Danish designer/dressmaker’s undulating, hourglass forms inspired wall-applied acoustic panels crafted of recyclable, fire-resistant polyester fiber with a unique bouclé finish. 

Designer: Marion Cage McCollam of Marion Cage

Product: Shakti

Standout: The Narmada hardware collection includes a pull inspired by Indian Shiva Lingam stones and comes standard in 5- and 9-inch lengths, plus custom sizes. Available in bronze or brass (in satin or polished finishes), exotic hardwood, and stone. 

Designer: Cean Irminger of New Ravenna

Product: Lava Lamp

Standout: A trippy jewel-tone waterjet-cut
mosaic from the creative director’s Glazed
Basalto collection has natural geode inclusions that catch hand-applied glaze, lending unexpected texture. 

Designer: Yves Béhar of August

Product: Wifi Smart Lock

Standout: Two years of development by
the vision behind Fuseproject and August yielded a condensed app-operated smart lock with built-in Wi-Fi connection that’s 45 percent smaller and 20 percent slimmer than previous iterations. 

Designer: Aimée Wilder of Aimée Wilder

Product: Breeze Blocks

Standout: A commission the New York
designer received for a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, sparked a collection of breeze blocks hand-molded of matte
cement and allowing for both airflow and visual separation.

Designer: Michael Talbot of HanStone Quartz

Product: Awaken

Standout: Warm, earthy tones lay
the groundwork for a polish-finish composite-quartz surface by the brand’s product design manager that is replete with
organic, wispy veining—created using
robotic equipment. 

Designer: Sue Wadden of Sherwin-Williams

Product: Wishful Blue

Standout: This soft, soothing Scandinavian blue by the brand’s director of color marketing is a highlight of the 2021 Colormix Forecast’s Continuum palette, comprising white, charcoal, and pops of hue inspired by midcentury modernists. 

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