October 22, 2018

8 Cutting-Edge Lighting Fixtures

Designers: Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu for Artemide

Product: Nh1217 Suspension

Standout: Riffing on lanterns, the Interior Design Hall of Fame members and Neri & Hu partners have concocted a fixture of blown-glass spheres that can be slid along iron rods via brass rings.

Designer: Marcel Wanders of Moooi

Product: Purr 

Standout: The company co-founder has abstracted rabbit and penguin silhouettes into endearing table lamps, their frosted glass bodies adorned with ears, beak, and flippers in gold-plated ceramic.

Designers: Kai Williams and Chen Chen of Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Product: Brittle Star

Standout: Melted zinc has been poured around myriad colored glass spheres, strung on an aluminum rod, and fitted with LEDs, yielding a pendant fixture with a stained-glass effect.

Designer: Lee Broom of Lee Broom

Product: Tidal

Standout: An unseen gravitational force appears to separate the table lamp, its seemingly precariously balanced, polished-chrome hemispheres revealing a glowing acrylic lens.

Designers: Tobias Nitsche and Cesare Bizzotto of From Lighting

Product: Piazza Round

Standout: The base of the plug-in LED sconce is magnetic, so it can be located anywhere on the 30-inch–diameter wall-mounted disc, the latter in powder-coated steel.

Designer: Alexandre Joncas of d’Armes

Product: Cé Wall

Standout: Solid bronze pairs with a sweeping curtain of rayon fringe descending 40 inches for this sconce that plays a game of peekaboo with its dimmable LED source.

Designer: Rosie Li of Rosie Li Studio

Product: Inez

Standout: Replicating fan palms, the hand-pleated copper shades of the floor lamp, sconce, and pendant fixture are offered with or without a salt treatment for a natural or cerulean patina.

Designers: Jean and Oliver Pelle of Pelle

Product: Beam and Glow

Standout: Minimalist art spawned these linear sconces and pendant fixtures, their amber or rose resin lenses set in aluminum frames that can be finished with a green or lilac stain.

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