October 3, 2017

8 Noteworthy Neocon Furnishings

Catwalk by KnollTextiles.

Dorothy Cosonas of KnollTextiles

Product: Catwalk

Standout: The fabric expert marks its 70th anniversary by opening
a window pane to the past: a wool blend adapted from two circa 1978 patterns.

Pacific by Vitra International.

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Vitra International

Product: Pacific

Standout: While some mechanism-laden office chairs resemble contraptions, Barber & Osgerby conceals the controls while preserving ergonomic performance. vitra.com

Dual by Teknion.

Toan Nguyen for Teknion

Product: Dual

Standout: Molded in urethane foam, over steel, the lounger’s gently pitched back encourages relaxation while enabling interaction. teknion.com

Q6 by Davis Furniture.

Jonathan Prestwich for Davis Furniture

Product: Q6

Standout: Sweeping seating, sheltering screens, and spot-on surfaces interface in a modular system intended for super-versatile applications. davisfurniture.com

Focus In by Luum Textiles.

Suzanne Tick of Luum Textiles

Product: Focus In

Standout: Mini-prints, curvilinear lines, and architectural grids give the multi-fiber family the stylistic agility to adapt to variable environments. luumtextiles.com

Human Connections by Interface.

David Oakey for Interface

Product: Human Connections

Standout: Natural elements juxtaposed against gritty urban grids create space-defining carpet tiles that, despite the simulation, gather no moss. interface.com

Aberi by Lammhults Möbel

Marcus Keichel and Julia Läufer for Lammhults Möbel


Standout: The welcoming profile of the sculptural chairs by Läufer + Keichel strikes a balance between lifestyle and workstyle, softness and support. Through ICF Group. icfsource.com

HO Cube and Tap by José Martínez Medina.

Francesc Rifé for José Martínez Medina

Product: HO Cube and Tap

Standout: The acronym stands for home office, but the pop-up wood-veneer desk is equally fitting in quick-change corporate spaces, as are the wool stools with leather handle. jmm.es

HO Cube by José Martínez Medina.

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