July 13, 2020

8 Safe Screens That Give Socially Distant Spaces an Artful Edge

The pandemic poses an entirely new set of challenges for designers working on commercial interiors, such as hospitality environments, offices, and schools. But Yellow Goat Designan award-winning designer of lighting, screens, and sculpture, seized this monumental moment as an opportunity to apply its signature artistic approach to a Safe Screen Collection. The comprehensive CONNECT collection features an array of customizable screens and panels—including some that offer acoustic or bacteria-resistant benefits—enabling designers to demarcate space and create protective barriers in compliance with social distance efforts while enhancing the aesthetic of any interior. 

Here’s a closer look at eight products from the brand’s Safe Screen CollectionCONNECT, built from etched acrylic, digital printed acrylic, and powder-coated metal for long-lasting use. 

1. Rainbow Mood

Rainbow Mood creates new paths and defines space while also incorporating planters. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

2. Aquarelle Bloom

Aquarelle Bloom, a textured take on the brand’s Aquarelle screen is digitally printed vinyl on corrugated panels that are framed in metal. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

3. Botanic 

Digitally printed suspended screens like Botanic are customizable for height and focus on playful and peaceful mood-enhancing illustrative designs. A misted panel allows light to filter throughout the space—ideal for restaurant, hospitality, workplace, or school spaces. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

4. Clear Cut

Clear Cut—a traditional fuss-free screen—offers a chic protective barrier in hotspots for interaction, such as the check-in desk of a hotel, doctor’s office, cashier, or a concierge space. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

5. Fragmented Love

A sculptural hybrid of Yellow Goat Design’s Love me Not sculptural screen and Fragmented Illusion sculpture light fixture, Fragmented Love defines spaces in a dramatically beautiful way with a wooden base, metal rods, and color customizable digitally printed acrylic pieces. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

6. Clementine

Clementine, a suspended sculptural screen, utilizes brightly colored sustainable, bacterial resistant Ezoboard with built-in acoustic properties to reduce noise levels and interaction in workplaces. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

7. Pillar

Pillar creates an elegant, sculptural acoustic maze with space for greenery. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

8. Penguin

Penguin, a more traditional standing screen, features fluted acrylic panels to create a high-end luxury Art Deco glass look inspired by Yellow Goat Design’s Deco-ish light fixture. Photography courtesy of Yellow Goat Design. 

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