November 6, 2018

8 Standout Architectural Products

1. Stefan Andrén of Krownlab

Product: PlybooDoor

Standout: A collaboration with Dan Smith of Smith & Fong, this sliding door system utilizes a stainless steel framework to support acoustic panels of carved FSC-certified bamboo.

2. Nate Berkus for The Shade Store

Product: Nate Berkus Collection

Standout: The TLC star travelled through Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Europe—and returned with 10 polyester roller shade patterns that reference hand-drawn illustrations. Offered in light filtering or blackout options.

3. Arthur Lasky of NY Hearth Cabinet Co.

Product: Geometric

Standout: No flue, chimney, gas, or electricity are required for this out-of-the-box fireplace, offered in unusual shapes: trapezoid, hexagon, triangle, and parallelogram. Mineral wool insulates the powder-coated steel units.

4. Matt Taylor and Giovanna Masseroni of Moonish

Product: Koi

Standout: The glinting scales of the titular fish inspired a customizable wall relief in white-painted FSC-certified plywood, the modules (of varying thicknesses) edged in eye-catching pink. Pigments are VOC free.

5. Kelly Harris Smith for FilzFelt

Products: Arrow, Square

Standout: Hanging panel patterns exploring geometric repetition are rendered in 100 percent wool Design Felt, in three sizes and 50 colors. The cutouts’ size gradually decreases to offer privacy at seat height.

6. Chris Jones of Thinkterior

Product: MyWall

Standout: The in-line display system’s double-sided white teak panels can be installed on existing walls or used as freestanding partitions; dedicated cabling space installed in between eliminates the need for rewiring.

7. Tom Kundig for 12th Avenue Iron

Product: Push Pull Plate

Standout: A piece of 5/16-inch hot-rolled steel is transformed via a press brake into a bent door pull with a teardrop-hemmed grip and blackened-wax finish. Eight attachment points guarantee versatility.

8. Marcel Wanders for Pure + Freeform

Product: Diamond

Standout: This kaleidoscopic aluminum skin, suitable indoors or out, mixes silver, blue, and white pearl ink with a gray base to create a dizzying iridescent pattern that’s nonetheless almost entirely matte.

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