a look at the desk shelf with a laptop on it on the side of the caravan

Atelier JMCA Designs a Modern Workspace on Wheels

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you need to work from your house. Why not hit the road with a Nomadic Office? Paris-based Atelier JMCA transformed a commercial Peugeot Boxer into a cubicle-cum-caravan using a completely retractable system of 6-inch-thick, oiled birch-plywood panels that allows users to turn the van’s 6-by-20-foot interior into a work space by day, and a bedroom at night. Cofounder Angélique Maillard and team made a 3-D laser scan of the vehicle’s interior, from which they were able to create a precise CAD drawing of the bodywork and thus take advantage of every available cubic inch of space.

“A freestanding suspended table/desk allows two people to work comfortably and move around easily,” Maillard says. “Then, it can accommodate five people for meals, and, after, fold down at 90 degrees against the bed, which has a real mattress for two people.” Other amenities include a walk-in closet, kitchen, and lavatory, all insulated in cork, the latter two powered by solar panels on the roof and two 20-gallon tanks for both fresh and wastewater. It’s ideal for achieving van-life/work-life balance.

the nomadic office caravan by Atelier JMCA
a seating area in the caravan office
the bedroom of the caravan office
a shelf desk on the outside of the caravan
the kitchen of the caravan office
a look at the desk shelf with a laptop on it on the side of the caravan

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