July 1, 2020

B+N Industries Greets the Next Phase of Workplace Sanitization with a Smile

Put little heart and arinto new sanitization station. Photography courtesy of B&N Industries.

Applying hand sanitizer, like drinking water, is a necessary part of a healthy daily routine. It’s most likely only a matter of time until elementary schools and offices alike match their water fountains and branded bottles with stations of sanitizing hand gels. Avoiding the landfill waste that individual, single-use bottles of hand sanitizer accumulate, one company is offering a colorful and purposeful option that elevates the look and safety of common spaces. 

Create bright and welcoming messages for the return of customers, travelers, or coworkers. Photography courtesy of B&N Industries.

“I’m over ‘pivot’,” explains Brad Somberg, CEO of B+N Industries. “If there’s a problem, you make a solution!” And behold: A colorful and customizable High-Volume Sanitizing Station that fits two one-gallon containers of botanically infused sanitizing gel. Economically and environmentally beneficial by not having to constantly replenish a small, personal supply, B+N’s latest product is a considered answer to aesthetics with a deeper meaning.

A view with the door open, showing the extra gallon, adjustable shelf, and optional steel loop in the back for securing with chain. Photography courtesy of B&N Industries.

As the design industry and beyond experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the function of space upside down, B+N knew that a knee-jerk reaction would not lead to a meaningful solution. “We’re capturing a historical moment that’s going to last,” says Somberg about wanting to create an inviting and thoughtful product. Brightening up the mood, physically and figuratively, the Sanitizing Stations greet users with the cheeky Mr. Drippy™ logo and Amass sanitizer, with notes of eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove, leaves their hands with a fresh aroma instead of a clinical odor.

Choose from seven powder-coated colors, or specify a custom shade. Designers also can add custom graphics with UVand alcoholstable shrinkwrapping. Photography courtesy of B&N Industries.

One ordinary day, Somberg was looking over renderings filled with colorful pieces when “all of a sudden I just started getting happy,” he says about his epiphany. The final piece to the Sanitizing Station puzzle is color. B+N offers a multitude of powder colors and allows for customization and branding so long as the client provides their own graphics. Already in the works are collaborations with the brand’s favorite artists and creatives. 

The Sorbetti System with Spanning Panels is a modular kit of parts that includes customizable heights and widths, available with bases for freestanding or floortoceiling installations. Photography courtesy of B&N Industries.

Along with keeping common spaces sage with clean hands, B+N believes that maintaining an open and emotionally connected aesthetic can easily be incorporated into office layouts that are transformed to fit new guidelines. From the High-Volume Sanitizing Station beyond to their Sorbetti and Cable screen systems, thoughtful design, and, above all, easy installation, is a guarantee. By combining meaningful innovation with positive aesthetic cohesion, B&N ups the ante for hygiene in socially distant spaces by creating opportunities for design instead of making it a chore. 

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