October 15, 2014

Best of Residential Submission Guidelines


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Projects are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Please follow this three-step process to submitting your work.

1) Submit Your Form: Architectural and Interior Design firms wishing to submit projects for review should first complete a submission form indicating which projects they will be submitting and confirming their understanding of the publishing fees required if a project is accepted for publication. We are seeking projects completed no earlier than January 1, 2012.

Prior to completing your submission form, which acts as your publishing contract, please feel free to schedule a consultation by contacting [email protected] or (917) 934-2837 to discuss the following:

-Number of Projects
-Assistance in Selecting Projects
-Supporting Marketing Materials Desired
-Publishing Fees (adjustable under special circumstances)

These items directly affect the scope of work and costs involved. Additionally, because the book is a collaborative process, we would like to learn more about your perspective and expectations regarding participation. This may lead to a customized publishing program that is unique to your firm’s needs.

A consultation will ensure your understanding of the kind of projects we’re seeking, increasing the likelihood of acceptance of your submission. We look forward to reviewing your project(s).

View the submission form here.

View the book details here.

2) Upload your image and Floor Plans: Upon receipt of your submission form, Interior Design will supply instructions on how to upload your images and floor plan(s). Please read the image requirements document carefully before uploading your images. Please do not email your submission to us.

Download Image Requirements here.

To ensure that we properly track your company’s submission, please return your form and send your images for editorial review prior to completing the project brief.

3) Project BriefOnce your imagers have been reviewed by the editorial department, you will be contacted and asked to complete the project brief questionnaire.

We understand that you may have an existing project brief or press release for your project(s), but we ask that you fill out the Project Brief Questionnaire and answer the questions in the order provided. If you wish to supply additional background material in addition to your Project Brief Questionnaire (including press releases or your own Project Brief) please feel free to do so.

Access Project Brief Questionnaire here.

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a book launch event for the Best of Residential Volume II, please call or email Kathy Harrigan at (917) 934-2837 or [email protected].

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