July 1, 2016

Brintons Channels the Passage of Time for its New Credence Collection

Designers take inspiration from a multitude of unexpected places, but for its latest Axminster collection, Credence, the design team at British manufacturer Brintons looked to a nostalgic narrative of material versus element. Inspired by the undulating landscapes formed as waters move against earth over extended periods and the beautiful decay of manmade structures, Credence transcends the usual topography-erosion binary and instead examines the remnants of elements after being ravaged by time. Call it a more in-depth look at the “weathered” and “biophilic” trends.

Picture Amazonian plant life growing upward and outward, undisturbed for several decades, or the Colorado River unhurriedly carving out the majestic Grand Canyon over thousands of years, or the uneven chips of peeling paint in an abandoned subway station prone to flooding. These subtle shifts are expressed by Credence’s interpretation of time’s effect on both natural and manmade surfaces, creating visually arresting arrangements that faintly reflect surrounding landscapes.

Credence evolves even further by combining contrasting surfaces: multi-colored rock striations overlay a rust-laden shipping container; the sun’s rays weave warm-toned threads into a rushing blue and green river; a weathered grid of wooden planks serve as the base for a layer of salt water and sea foam. Designed with the eclectic nature of the American hospitality market in mind, these unexpected combinations also house built-in design elements that hide soiling and wear patterns, and some designs span up to 70 feet in an effort to minimize tracking (a person’s ability to detect repeating elements) that may provide some unintended symmetry and striping.

“Credence is an interesting collection visually and in terms of application,” says Brintons design director Nadia Burton. “The versatility is outstanding. A few of the designs with larger repeats can fill a grand ballroom with virtually zero tracking while a custom section can be cut from the same design for a corridor or prefunction space, offering a completely different feel.”

Credence Collection by Brintons

– Designs range from 4 color channels to 18.

– Available in custom colorations.

– Built-in design elements hide soiling and wear patterns.

– Design capabilities and color of Axminster are unparalleled in patterned flooring and make it a go-to product in terms of appearance retention.

– Optimal for large spaces that call for large design repeats. 

– Some patterns in the collection allow you to travel across for approximately 70 feet before experiencing the same element again, allowing the same pattern to be cut down and applied in smaller areas to complement a larger design.

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