April 18, 2018

Ce.Vi Ceramica Vietrese Reminisces on Happy Days


Who knew Americana nostalgia had admirers in Italy? Ce.Vi Ceramica Vietrese turns back time with Happy Days, a ceramic tile family named for the seminal 1970’s TV series that took place during the ’50’s. “It was born from the idea of representing the generation of U.S. teenagers who lived the American dream,” creative director Patrizia Famiglietti says of the 12 hand-painted patterns. But don’t expect jukeboxes or poodle skirts. In fact, the only direct connection between the 8 inch squares and their source are the product names. Richie, Ron Howard’s character, is a network of almost ovals cut into bicolored halves. Warren, the real first name of the character Potsie, undulates with concentric flourish. The swirl of Arnold’s, the characters’ hangout, suggests a nod to neon. The Fonz would surely give a thumbs-up “Eyy.”


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