June 9, 2015

CIDA Calls For Industry Feedback on Future Professional Standards


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The Council for Interior Design Accreditation

(CIDA) is asking the design industry to comment on the first draft of its Professional Standards 2017, the culmination of two years of research and analysis. The council asks for input from interior design educators, practitioners, employers, students, and members of allied fields—go


by June 16 to review and comment on the standards.

“…[F]uture interior design graduates should not only be prepared with the knowledge required for entry-level practice, but also with a foundation that poises them to be highly valued contributors well into the future,” says Pamela Evans, chair of the CIDA board. “Community input is necessary to refine the elements of this vision and ensure that the quality thresholds CIDA describes are relevant and valid expectations appropriately calibrated to professional-level interior design education.”

For the past two years, CIDA has been gathering information about dynamics and trends influencing the future of interior design and its higher education—and attempting to validate the impact of those trends. In fall 2014, the council hosted Future Vision, a targeted two day session for industry leaders to analyze the current findings and forecasted implications for professional-level interior design education.

The first draft of

Professional Standards 2017

reflects this two-year process of research and analysis. Now community consultation is the next step in developing a final proposed set of standards. Following the first review process, standards will be refined with consideration to stakeholder comments.

The next period of public review will span from August to October 2015. CIDA anticipates that final standards will be adopted in December 2015 and implemented beginning just over a year later on January 1, 2017.

The CIFA standards development project has been sponsored by The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the ASID Foundation, the IIDA Foundation, the Interior Designers of Canada, Interior Design Media, and Steelcase.

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