July 8, 2016

Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes Unveil Handmade Lighting Collection Flauti

Cristiana Giopato, who once worked for Patricia Urquiola, and Christopher Coombes, who spent time in the offices of George Sowden and Sebastian Bergne, joined forces to open their own studio in 2006. Among Giopato & Coombes’s latest introductions is the bold yet dainty Flauti. Fabricated of handblown Murano glass and turned brass, the design is actually a series of modules—in seven shapes and colors—that can be assembled in myriad ways, offering endless opportunities for creative mixing. “Every piece has small differences since they’re made by hand,” Giopato explains. Besides being expertly crafted, the lights are also replete with innovative technology. The designers developed Softspot, a 7-watt LED that pairs direct and indirect illumination, emitting 75 percent of light downward and 25 percent upward. Talk about a bright idea.

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