5 Design Experts Share Challenges Facing the Hospitality Sector

Shoptalk is our roundup where we ask industry insiders topical questions seeking insight into the design zeitgeist. This time, we asked design leaders at HBA International, CHIL Interior Design, Hart Howerton, TVS and The Gettys Group Companies, respected firms hailing from across the U.S. and Canada: What are some current practice issues in hospitality?

Take Note Of These Practice Issues In The Hospitality Field

Era of Economic Uncertainty

“We’re maneuvering through an era of economic uncertainty. Client fees persistently remain stagnant or have even decreased. Simultaneously, we grapple with tight deadlines for design deliverables, often conflicting with our clients’ financial projections. Despite leveraging technological tools for furniture, fixtures, and equipment management, the human element continues to introduce a significant margin of error into our data.” —Mrinal Suri, HBA International

Headshot of Mrinal Suri
Mrinal Suri. Photography by David T. Lees/The Studio Deux.

The Impact of Rising Product Costs

Headshot of Paul Morissette
Paul Morissette. Photography courtesy of CHIL Interior Design.

“Longer lead times and rising costs on all products, plus fluctuations in the economy leading to currency conversion changes.” —Paul Morissette, CHIL Interior Design

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Challenging Lead Times

“Domestic production of materials and products is still a struggle in some areas, which is disrupting leads times and project timelines. Financing in general is a big struggle right now.” —Barbara Best-Santos, Hart Howerton

Portrait of Barbara-Best Santos
Barbara-Best Santos. Photography courtesy of Hart Howerton.

Looking to A.I. and Technological Advances

Portrait of Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith. Photography courtesy of TVS.

“We’re hoping A.I. can help in streamlining design elements that have duplication or repetitiveness, such as hotel or residential units.” —Nicole Smith, TVS 

Evolving Hospitality Culture

“One of the biggest practice issues in hospitality is evolv­ing and enhancing culture. The pan­demic changed how we work, where we work, how frequently we travel, and many of the expectations from the company, our clients, and our team. As we refine what that is, we’re recon­sidering every aspect of what it’s like to work with us (as a client and as a team member) through every phase of a project.” —Ron Swidler, The Gettys Group Companies 

Portrait of Ron Swidler
Ron Swidler. Photograph courtesy of The Gettys Group Companies.

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