6 Design Leaders Explore Ways To Boost Company Wellness

Shoptalk is our roundup where we ask industry insiders questions seeking insight into the design world. This time, we asked design leaders at Aedifica, INC Architecture & Design, BHDM Design, Philpotts Interiors, Marguiles Perruzzi, and RATIO Design, respected firms hailing from across the U.S. and Canada: What is your firm doing to foster a robust internal culture?

Discover Tips To Encourage Company Wellness

Scheduling A Mixture Of Company Events

“By scheduling a calendar of weekly and monthly events, mixing social and professional subjects, to rediscover how we can connect and learn from each other. The pandemic has made us all autonomous and efficient in some ways, but as a group we go farther distances.” —Stéphane Bernier, Aedifica 

Headshot of Stéphane Bernier
Stéphane Bernier. Photography by Adam Kane Macchia.

Creative Grants For Employees

Headshot of Drew Stuart
Drew Stuart. Photography by Phil Bernard.

“We encourage wellness through feeding our employees’ creativity and supporting their passions. We have a granting system, $1,000 per employee, and staff may use it in any way as long as it’s contributing to their professional betterment and, by proxy, the betterment of the studio.” —Drew Stuart, INC Architecture & Design

Creating A Direct Support System

“Taking a cue from some of our clients, we’ve started to provide lunch for the staff each Wednesday. With our team being in the office only three days a week, we use it as a good opportunity to say hello and put work aside. We’ve also put a  ‘direct support’—rather than ‘direct report’—system in place. This is for oversight but also a buddy system, where one can express concerns or frustrations to a more senior member, who can then hopefully address the issue in a more holistic way. It’s been helpful not just in workflow charting but also in assigning teams to work together.” —Dan Mazzarini, BHDM Design 

Headshot of Dan Mazzarini
Dan Mazzarini. Photography courtesy of BHDM Design.

Collaborative Meetings With Co-Workers + Vendors

Headshot of Marion Philpotts-Miller
Marion Philpotts-Miller. Photography by Christopher Garcia Valle.

“Our approach revolves around fostering a culture of collaboration and support. We conduct weekly in-person and virtual team-building meetings and activities, including lunch-and-learns with vendors. They are designed for brainstorming and to help resolve challenges to maintain our team’s connectivity, whether we’re working remotely or in person.” —Marion Philpotts-Miller, Philpotts Interiors 

Boosting Office Connections Weekly

“We have one specific day per week where everyone is in the office together, to allow the personal and social connections to occur.” —Janet Morra, Margulies Perruzzi 

Headshot of Janet Morra
Janet Morra. Photography courtesy of Marguiles Perruzzi.

Bridging The Hybrid Divide

Headshot of Sim Nabors
Sim Nabors. Photography courtesy of RATIO Design.

“We lead design dialogues and utilize tools such as Miro to bridge the hybrid divide.” —Sim Nabors, RATIO Design 

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