July 10, 2020

Different Ways Design Impacts the Greater Good on DesignTV by SANDOW

This week on DesignTV by SANDOW, viewers were treated to insightful interviews with some of the industry’s most original characters. Each episode taps into different aspects of how design has transformational power for the greater good. 


Up first, HiP Award Winner Kia Weatherspoon of Determined by Design spoke to Editor in Chief Cindy Allen about her unique career path in a 1-on-1 interview. After joining the air force in the hopes of having a college education paid for, Weatherspoon explains that the moment she made a calming, personal space for herself in a tent during her first deployment, she knew the designer path was her destiny.

Watch the full 1-on-1 segment with Kia Weatherspoon here: 


Cindy Allen was joined by her good friend and talented designer Ghislaine Viñas for a conversation about breaking into the design industry in a segment originally produced for students at SCAD, moderated by the university’s vice president Khoi Vo. “People are honing into crafts we’ve never seen before,” Viñas says, confident about all the positive social change the next generations of designers will achieve.

Watch the full Guests and Gusto conversation with Ghislaine Viñas and Cindy Allen here: 


To close off the week, Cindy Allen spoke with Ambar Margarida, this year’s HiP Award winner in the category of Greater Good in a Large Firm for her work at Spacesmith. “There’s some work you get profits on and some that you lose money on, but that’s the honest truth about doing this work,” says Margarida, explaining how such a large firm is able to take on meaningful projects the whole team cares about.  

Watch the full 1-on-1 segment with Ambar Margarida here:

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