August 25, 2015

Discover what truly inspires you with the Artist Editions Collection

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Hand-crafted by resident artists, the uniqueness of each sink in the

Artist Editions Collection

perfectly exemplifies the uniqueness of you.

The Derring™ Collection brings a natural radiance into your bathroom with its unique texture and glaze. A texture that was painstakingly formed from the daily experimentation and imagination of the Artist Editions team in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Rutile Kohler Artist Editions

Inspired by a huge array of different cultures, the Artist Editions Collection patterns are intricately shaped to work with each product. With some designs requiring as many as 15 different color layers, creating these pieces mimics the intense process of painting a masterpiece on canvas. The Persia pattern below perfectly complements any bathroom with its beautiful Moorish design on a white background.

Persia Kohler Artist Editions

The process to creating a beautiful glass sink requires precision and patience, as it can take days to heat, pour and form the glass to the exact shape, translucency and thickness required. When our glassmakers create a vessel such as the Briolette™, they emphasize the unique qualities of the glass texture and reflection, adding a delicate and fluid light to your bathroom.

Briolette Kohler Artist Editions

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  This beautiful quote from Pablo Picasso perfectly captures why


creates art for your everyday life. Every Kohler artist is fueled by the opportunity of using something that inspires them to

create something that inspires you


Nepal Kohler Artist Editions

Bring creative expression and inspiration to your bathroom with the Kohler

Artist Editions Collection


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