July 12, 2017

Editor letter

We have officially reached the end of the design industry’s spring season of nonstop events. Milan was followed by ICFF at the center of the whirlwind that is NYCxDesign. Then the whole biz came to a climax with vitality, verve, and chock-ablock crowds bringing home the bacon at NeoCon in Chicago. I’m just back, myself, having suffered the traditional nightmare of returning to the East Coast. Whether you book the late-late flight, the early-early one, or any in the middle, no-bloody-matter-when, for the last 20 years I’ve attended, it’s nearly impossible to leave the Mart and O’Hare behind! All the airlines contribute to this scenario, but United has proved the most effective at going to any length to keep you there. (And you’d better listen to what they tell you. Or else.) Jesting aside, it did feel like the city was loath to surrender all the best talent that flies in. There was lots of it at the show this year, with the softer and chic-er side of office interiors on display amid the product launches at every showroom and the slang “resi-mmercial” flitting around the hallways. We’ll share a comprehensive NeoCon report with you in the August issue, rest assured.

Right here in the June issue, you’ll find the result of an earlier trip to the Windy City to see an astounding rehab hospital up close. The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is a unique collaboration between titans Clive Wilkinson, Gensler, and HDR, not to mention an innovator in bringing patients, doctors, and researchers together in order to work better and get better, side by side. Health-care designers around the world are taking cues from luxury hotels these days, so it might also be instructive to peruse our coverage of the Andaz Scottsdale, with interiors by EDG, and a portfolio that opens with François Champsaur’s design for a property down the coast from Saint-Tropez.

With that, the spring season comes to a close, all loose ends tidied up. It’s time to start looking forward, pondering what’s ahead. Nothing like a new sheet of paper, a new project, a new beginning… 

Happy summer!

Interior Design Editor in Chief Cindy Allen. Photography by Monica Castiglioni.

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