April 8, 2018

Eldorado Stone’s Modern Collection Brings a Warm Touch to Cool Minimalist Design

Eldorado Stone’s LedgeCut 33 in Beach Pebble. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone. 

In the last few years, minimalism has permeated everything from product design, interior spaces, and even materials. But we’re starting to see that minimalism may come with drawbacks—its relative austerity may not be appropriate or desirable for every space. And who knows how long cool-toned, sleek minimalism will be in vogue?

RoughCut® in Moonlight. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone.

Eldorado Stone, a premier manufacturer of architectural stone veneer, has already accounted for these concerns. The San Diego-based brand is restoring warmth to minimalist interiors with its new Modern Collection. Not only do its 14 clean-lined stone and brick profiles boast timeless textures, but a creamy white and soft gray color palette add depth, dimension, and character to any project. 

TundraBrick in Chalk Dust. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone.

“The minimalist trend is very beautiful, but it can start to feel cold, dark, and sterile,” explains Sarah Lograsso, Eldorado Stone’s director of marketing. “Our interpretation is to infuse minimalism with natural earth tones and textural details that bring a sense of style and inviting comfort to a space.”

European Ledge in Zinc. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone. 

To bring this new interpretation to life, Eldorado Stone starts with molds of natural stone—which capture the nuances of an organic rock including natural imperfections—that are then mixed with concrete, light aggregates, and mineral dyes. Their team of artisans hand-paint each stone with layers of color, a technique that adds authenticity and uniqueness to the mechanically rendered rock. Unlike natural stone that comes from quarries with very little reassurance of color consistency or availability, Eldorado’s manufactured stones offer a dependable and steady alternative. And while the Modern Collection features a wide array of color palettes, designers have even more options at their fingertips. Eldorado Stone offers customization services, enabling designers to create colors that expertly fit their project’s vision.

So what’s the value of using manufactured stone over natural? A host of reasons point in manufactured stone’s favor. Not only is it significantly lighter in weight, which reduces labor time and costs, it has a 2% (approximately) waste factor versus 10% or more for natural stone. It’s also virtually maintenance-free—requiring no chemical sealers and only water to wash—and budget-friendly, totaling roughly half the cost of natural stone. Designers can also receive LEED accreditation for using Eldorado Stone products.  

Marquee24 in Dovetail. Photography courtesy of Eldorado Stone.

“With the Modern Collection, we’re bringing warmth and rich detail back to the contemporary minimalism trend,” says Lograsso. “Our product transforms spaces into more tactile, inviting ones while still meeting the color and texture needs discerning designers want in their projects.”

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