February 14, 2018

Enorme Studio’s Portable Office Pops Up During Madrid Design Festival

The gable-like profile of Enorme Studio’s Mountain on the Moon installation in Madrid. Photography by Javier de Paz.

After 10 years together as founding partners of PKMN Architectures, Carmelo Rodríguez, Rocío Pina and David Pérez regrouped and relaunched as Enorme Studio, a design-build firm specializing in developing mobile systems for residential, corporate, and retail applications.

Eager to flaunt their expertise for a hometown audience, the trio teamed with Mini Hub, a local co-working space that caters to creative types, to conceive Mountain on the Moon, a portable office and urban laboratory that popped up to coincide with this winter’s Madrid Design Festival.

A separate seating area sits adjacent to the main assembly. Photography by Javier de Paz.

At first glance, the installation on the city’s Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta resembles a gable roof in profile, painted with a stylized depiction of a mountain range. As visitors draw closer, they realize the structure is actually three separate pieces: a greenhouse-like central room flanked by triangular seating areas, the raw plywood steps interspersed with mossy growths. But since the seating assemblies are on wheels, they have the ability to detach and move to create independent elements.

Gathering on the stepped plywood seats. Photography by Javier de Paz.

Inside the office, inquisitive workers will find straightforward plywood workstations boasting USB charging points and solar-powered reading lights, as well as oversized floor cushions for cozy confabs. The space will also host various workshops and discussions on urban planning with designers who are imagining new ways of making cities.

The installation will remain in place—unless it rolls—until the festival wraps up on February 28.

Working and lounging inside the office. Photography by Javier de Paz.
Unfinished plywood workstations in the office are joined by industrial-style stools. Photography by Luis Alda.
Enorme Studio’s Mountain on the Moon installation coincides with this year’s Madrid Design Festival. Photography by Luis Alda.

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