December 1, 2020

Enter Etc.: A Furniture Manufacturer Elevating the Home Office

The Clarette modular lounge is complemented by the Taron layering tables. Photography courtesy of Etc. 

As 2020 comes to a close, designers are working with trend forecasters to apply the lessons from this year when creating optimal spaces for the next. Topping most client’s wish lists is a more functional home office. “You do your best work when you’re comfortable,” says Kristine Braunecker, director of marketing at Etc., explaining how the company, which launched in August, specializes in innovative, multi-use furnishings. 

The Kitner desk, Milam chair, and Brutus shelf feature natural wood finishes. Photography courtesy of Etc.

Focused on precise yet playful design, Etc.—a brand unit of Kimball International— produces residential-inspired furniture with contract-level efficiency and quality. As Braunecker shares, Etc. products aide in cultivating one’s work-persona; a “laptop lounger,” for example, can comfortably sit upright or splay out across the Laverick sofa, while accessories like ottomans and level side tables offer functional surfaces and additional work space. After all, the brand’s name reflects its mission—catering to transitional spaces people inhabit while going about their day. 

The wooden L-shaped arms of the Laverick chair and sofa contrast with its black metal legs. Photography courtesy of Etc. 

Using a lifestyle-driven vocabulary and paying keen attention to current trends, Etc.’s vast array of modular design solutions can elevate home offices, corporate satellite locations, and coworking spaces alike. Coordinating sets of both indoor and outdoor furniture can easily be swapped seasonally, as Etc. delivers right to the doorstep, for maximum design flexibility. Be it a first apartment or family home, Etc.’s collections enable designers to create a stylish and functional home office.

Jack, the company’s unofficial mascot, lounges outside with stackable Osrick chairs, Vernita planters, and Bernadette poufs. Photography courtesy of Etc.

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