November 15, 2018

Exclusive Look at MAP Studio’s First Venice Biennale Entry

For Asplund Pavilion, MAP Studio bolted together plywood beams and OSB panels to form a peak structure, and then clad it in an Alpi engineered wood veneer. Photography courtesy of Alpi.
Plywood crosspieces were installed on the exterior to further reinforce the OSB panels. Photography courtesy of Alpi.
Sketch rendering.
Also by Alpi, stained shingles of reconstituted ayous, a West African hardwood, were nailed to the facade. Photography courtesy of Alpi.

10 architects, engineers, and fabricators led by MAP Studio partners Francesco Magnani and Traudy Pelzel

9,000 shingles

355 square feet

20 skylights

Its 26-foot-tall interior displays drawings and models of Erik Gunnar Asplund’s 1920 Woodland Chapel, the inspiration for the MAP Studio struc­ture’s facade, pattern, and color. Photography by Federico Cedrone.

On San Giorgio Maggiore island until November 25, Asplund Pavilion is an introductory exhibition that leads to 10 additional chapel-inspired pavilions by such international architects as Amer­ican Andrew Berman, British Norman Foster, and Portuguese Eduardo Souto de Moura. Photography by Federico Cedrone.

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