July 1, 2012

Fade Out: Flooring With Gradient Effects

fade out 1. Ripples rug in wool and silk by

Tania Johnson Design

Fade Out 2. Chambord rug in wool and bamboo silk in beige and medium blue by


fade out 3. Dip Dye carpet tile in nylon in Black Tea by the

Shaw Contract Group

fade out 4. Meadow rug in a wool-silk blend in Oatmeal by

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets

fade out 5. Esquire Evolution rug in wool by

Top Floor

fade out 6. Erased Heritage’s Agra Westend Rocked rug in wool and silk by

Jan Kath Design

fade out 7. Urban Retreat carpet tile in nylon in Bark-Moss by

fade out 8. Fumed Oak flooring in engineered wood in AztecSilver by

Terra Lengo


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