August 1, 2016

Federico Delrosso to Debut Exhibition at XXI Triennale di Milano

Rendering courtesy of AKA.

Federico Delrosso will unveil a new project, Spazi Residuali, at the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition. The multimedia exhibition will investigate the effects of globalization on urban spaces.

“It’s a research on the status of cities,” Delrosso says, “that is focused on a specific area of Milan but could be extended to any large city in the world that is growing vertically. These new vertical elements generate considerable wounds in the urban fabric.”

Rendering courtesy of AKA.

These wounds, he explains, are “spaces within the existing horizontal tissues…somewhat unfinished spaces, non-spaces that I call ‘residual spaces.’” The show will create an observation point in Milan to view such spaces, with opaque and reflective walls Delrosso likens to a diaphragm, within which visitors will immerse themselves in integrated video and virtual reality experiences. “It’s a great opportunity to rethink the future of our cities,” he says, “re-stitching the urban pattern to create new connections and revive streets and districts.”

The Milanese creative studio Monkey Talkie will produce the videos; Rendering4you, also based in Milan, developed the virtual reality component. The show’s event sponsor is Oikos, with Content sponsoring the set up.

The XXI Triennale is entitled 21st Century.Design after Design, and will focus on the changing relationships between architecture, urban planning, and design. Spazi Residuali, located on Floor 1 of the Palazzo della Triennale on Viale Alemagna, will show from August 4th through September 12th, 2016.

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