October 24, 2017

Filzfelt’s Scale Wall Covering Incorporates Just Wool Felt to Secure The Three-Dimensional Module

In the summer of 2014, the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in Germany gathered 16 students to experiment with the possibilities of fiber composites. Among the final projects was Scale, a modular wall system by Vanessa Busemann and Felix Zebi. Recognizing the concept’s potential, professor Bernd Benningho formed Cabs Design (with partners Christian Kögel, Andreas Rupp, and Steffen Borowski) to put Scale into production. Slots in the modules, made of acoustic-fiber composite covered in wool felt, allows them to fit together securely with just friction. “We were wildly impressed by the maturity of the student designs,” says Traci Rolo, vice president of marketing and communications at FilzFelt, which is now distributing the system worldwide. The three-dimensional modules come in two sizes, five thicknesses, and 63 colors, and easily mount with magnetic attachments. 

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