February 22, 2018

Gerflor Celebrates Great Original Design

Gerflor’s Saga2® line features the first cork backed LVT for superior acoustic properties and original designs created at the Gerflor in-house design studio. Photography courtesy of Gerflor.

The design world loves a classic. Whether it’s a sleek Le Corbusier chair, an elegant Eero Saarinen table, or a delicate George Nelson lamp, there are certain things that will never go out of style. Designers continue to specify these products because they are attractive, functional, durable, and they have proven to be timeless.

Gerflor, the manufacturer of the original resilient homogeneous sheet flooring, Mipolam, shares a dedication to the classics. The company has been in the flooring business for over 80 years, so they know a thing or two about staying relevant. To acknowledge their membership in this exclusive club and to celebrate original and innovative design, Gerflor is bringing back their Original Design Sweepstakes. For the second year in a row, designers around the globe will have an opportunity to win iconic products from both the fashion and interiors industries, including a pair a Christian Louboutin pumps, a Louis Vuitton handbag, a Noguchi table, and an Eames chair. The sweepstakes will run through the year and participants can enter on Gerflor’s website

Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) features over 2,000,000 sqft of the original homogeneous sheet flooring, Mipolam. Photograhy by Christopher Barrett Photography, courtesy of Gerflor.

“Gerflor’s innovations have been leading the way in commercial interiors for nearly a century,” says Gino Venturelli, Gerflor’s styling and creative director. “The durability of our products and the aesthetic quality of our original designs are the reason our floors continue to be specified.”

Gerflor got its start in 1937 with Mipolam, a sheet flooring that is the gold standard in today’s healthcare and education sectors. A decade later, the brand introduced Taraflex, the original resilient sports flooring, which supports athletes in education, ecclesiastical, and community center settings worldwide. Both were industry firsts in their respective product categories, and through a series of product innovations, Mipolam and Taraflex are as popular as ever.

Herringbone Blond is one of the original designs included in the new Taralay Impression collection by Gerflor. Photography courtesy of Gerflor.

While it is known for its tried-and-true portfolio, the company also welcomes fresh creativity and technical innovation. Its pursuit of authentic design translates into new offerings that push the envelope while respecting the company’s DNA. Gerflor’s updated Taralay Impression line includes seven new patterns like herringbone, faux concrete, and stars that enliven high-traffic commercial interiors. “We wanted to give a new life to a product line category that is usually very conservative and traditional,” explains Venturelli. “The final results give us a collection that allows designers to add a touch of fantasy to their interiors.”

As Gerflor has discovered, originality is the best path to dynamic design. The Original Design Sweepstakes celebrates that same discovery across the design world. Enter today for your chance to win! 

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