April 25, 2006

2006 Giants Do Retail

The April issue of Interior Design‘s fashion and retail focus had us asking what related projects some of our top 100 Giants were working on. We went straight to the ten Giants with the highest retail numbers in 2005 to find out. Those firms were Gensler, Callison, Pavlik Design Team, Design Forum, FRCH Design Worldwide, Cubellis Associates, Tricarico Architecture and Design, McCall Design Group, JGA, and RYA Design Consultancy.

Firm: Recently Completed Projects: Current Projects:
Gensler (ranked 1) Pacsun, Riverside, CaliforniaCurrently working on:
Apple store, Rome
General Motors, Cairo
Barneys New York, Dallas
Callison (ranked 4) Sogo, Osaka
Harvey Nichols, Dubai
Currently working on:
Seibu Yurakucho, Tokyo
Pavlik Design Team (ranked 15) El Palacio de Hierro, Monterey, Mexico
Lotte Avenue L, Seoul, Korea
Lexus, MiamiDesign Forum(ranked 19)
Recently completed:
Yankee Candle, Williamsburg, Virginia
Donatos, Columbus, Ohio
Alltel, Lancaster, South Carolina
Saturn, TBD
FRCH Design Worldwide (ranked 28) Lenscrafters, Louisville, Kentucky
Officemax, Macedonia, Ohio
Cubellis Associates (ranked 42) Newton Farms, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Fiamma Grill, Plymouth, Michigan
Wyland Gallery, Polynesian Resort, Orlando
Champions Club, Detroit
Piggly Wiggly, Sunset Beach, South Carolina
Tricarico Architecture and Design (ranked 64) Garmany, Red Bank, New Jersey N/A
McCall Design Group (ranked 68) Williams-Sonoma Home, Los Angeles

Harry & David, Location TBD
Smith & Hawken, Mill Valley, California and Palm Beach, Florida

JGA (ranked 90)

Spencer’s, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
Godiva, Indianapolis

The North Face, New York
RYA Design Consultancy (ranked 100)

Bailey Banks & Biddle, Houston
El Puerto de Liverpool Cosmetics, Insurgente, Mexico

Neiman Marcus, San Francisco
Bloomingdale’s, San Francisco
Parkson, Kuala Lumpur


Here are some additional facts and figures about these retail Giants:
Seven of the firms state that because of the changing economy of the past few years, their interior design practice is more streamlined—meaning a larger volume of projects, but fewer staff and smaller budgets than before.

Eight of them say that they’re working on more international projects than they were three years ago.Eight also say that sustainability is becoming a more important component of their design decisions.Nine say that their design staffs use the internet more often than before to research, source, and select products.Among these ten, the percentage of their retail projects ranges from 17 percent to 100 percent of their total projects. For 2006, they estimate that they will earn a total of $158 million in fees from retail projects alone.

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