November 12, 2018

Giuseppe Bavuso and Rimadesio Collaborate on New Spazio Wall System

Spazio by Dom Interiors for Rimadesio. 

“We spend most of our day in work spaces,” Giuseppe Bavuso states. “We thought to extend elegant design to those professional environments.” The result is Spazio, the architect’s new wall system for Rimadesio. Actually, though, the system adapts to a variety of milieus, whether conference room or walk-in closet.

Spazio by Dom Interiors for Rimadesio.

Flexible components enable such custom configurations as linear, corner, and C-shape. Fixed walls adjoin the sliding panels, their aluminum profiles equipped with a height-adjustment ability to enable perfect leveling, and 19 finishes of tempered or laminated glass allow for perfect glazing. Through Dom Interiors.

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