March 2, 2017

Going Dotty

We’re flipping for spotted, speckled prints.

Cheetah Vision linen in Nocturnal by Aimée Wilder.

Star silk in platinum by Evitavonni.

Cube 3-D polyester velvet by Decobel.

Edition 697 in Spa and Sketch 696 in Freestyle, both polyesters, and Spring 701 with PVC face and polyester backing in Equinox (on chair) by Unika Vaev.

Glam polyester-nylon with acrylic backing by Source One.

Avery Thatcher’s Ibo sustainably harvested paper with clay coating in rose gold on cream by Juju Papers.

Infused Glass Mosaics in Shimmer Raised Pearl by Architectural Systems.

Scott Bodenner’s Valkyrie textile in aluminum and Japanese rayon grosgrain by the Bodenner Collection through Savel.

Shimmering split-suede cowhide with foil applications by Townsend Leather.

Michele Rondelli’s Terrazzo viscose velvet with rubber-foam-printed back by 4Spaces through Angela Brown.

Entourage Crosswood glass mosaic by American Olean.

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